Sony A7iii vs. FujiFilm X-H1 (Opinion/Spec Review)

In the past month two different beast but relatively affordable beast have been announced. We have Fuji's Hybrid video/photo X-H1 coming out on March 1st and Sony's affordable full frame offering the A7iii. Both are capable photographic and videography tools. The X-H1 shoots 24mp stills with the apsc X-trans III processor, the Sony A7iii is shooting a full frame Exmor R BSI 24mp sensor. Both are capable of 4k 30p, 24p while the sony over samples 6k to produce 4k while the X-H1 over samples from a 1.17% crop of its sensor. The X-H1 is capable of 200 bit 4:2:0 output with a internal f-log. The Sony was just announced today and is capable of 100 bit output. In a recent test on the internal IBIS of the A7riii and Fuji X-H1 by the Pro Shooters yt channel, the Fuji proved to be much more effective though I note that it was still quite jittery. This is not unexpected as the sensor size of the A7riii is vastly greater then the Fuji and the bigger the sensor the less effective the IBIS as the sensor has less room to move around. The slog vs flog comparison was relatively similar while the flog has slight edge in the shadows this is just my my opinion though. In regards to the photographic arena both cameras shoot similar resolutions but with different sized sensors. Both have a slue of color profiles, personally I prefer Fuji's color science over the Sony's though I do enjoy the variable strength and dynamic range of the Sony's files. The Fuji shoots 14 bit raw and the Sony shoots 15 bit raw. The dilemma that arises is that they are basically at very very similar price points, so it becomes a cutting teeth issue of which to choose. If you are looking for more of a hybrid camera I suggest the X-H1 for its higher quality video output, If you are looking for a more photo orientated camera that still shoots quality video the A7iii is the way to go. For a wedding shooter or enthusiast both are highly viable options. Both have adaptability with canon lenses for a wide range of options and huge collections of legacy glass. (Techart, Steelsring, Metabones and Sigma all offer different but good options.) I personally own alot of Fuji glass which I currently pair with my X-pro 2, but also a good amount of Sigma Art lens that I currently pair with my SD Quattro H. So both the Fuji and Sony are great options for me. Which to choose...... Why not both?